Believable Brows

On Browhouse is the home of believable brows.


Our well practiced, creative eye for a naturally beautiful brow is one thing, our ability to deliver the brow, brow shape and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that you always wanted is another skill altogether.

ON BROWHOUSE looks at brows differently – there is no cookie cutter approach.   No gimmicks, wrapped up jargon, ‘’brow look’’, fad or fashion forced onyou.  Simply expert eyes and skills working with you and your brows. 

Having researched the globe for the best and most innovative ideas for brows, we don’t just have one approach but an arsenal of techniques cherry picked from the best.  From colour and tone to balance, proportion and shape, to problem solving and correctional work we provide modern solutions for brows that span the short and now finally, the long term - semi-permanent Brow tattooing.

ON BROWHOUSE is the home of believable brows.

Nature has it right.  When things are not forced, not fake, not a fad, they are not just more enduring, but more perfect, more believable... more beautiful.

That is what we do – work with your natural brow to realise something both believable and unbelievable, but most of all, beautiful. Brow shapes, colours, feather touch brow tattooing, microblading are only some of the solutions we offer.

At ON BROWHOUSE we do one thing and do it with passion.  Our expert team of brow artists are recognised as the best in their field - be it brow tattooing, microblading, feather touch brows, eyebrow shapes.  Brows are in our veins, constantly on our minds with no sidetracks from other fields or fancies.